Monthly Archives: May 2010

Permaculture Booth

I’ll be giving away yarrow plants at the Coldwell Banker Earth fair next Saturday (June fifth).  They have asked me to put up a permaculture booth, and I’m going to bring down some “weeds” that I have potted up: Yarrow and Bergamot and Mullen, to help people gain a new perspective of common beneficial plants

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Another bee

Late rain this year; there is water everywhere.  I like it, but it makes for a slow spring. Having a good supply of chicken manure makes for good compost.  Compost is really the stuff.  My recipe includes carbon and nitrogen and oxygen and heat and water.  The carbon comes from brown dead stuff like straw

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Another Bee

This happy little pollinator was buzzing in the meadowfoam at Hell’s half-acre, a unique area of serpentine substrate and brilliant springs.  A four-inch deep floral wave sweeps through this rocky ground each year, painting the swift passage of the season.

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