Our Philosophy

As builders and developers, humans have a unique role in changing our environment. We now understand that every project, no matter how small, affects the greater whole, and how we can maintain a sustainable presence as human beings on a green and beautiful planet. As we gain a greater understanding of the function of the Earth’s ecology, accurate resource mapping grows ever more important. Good land development requires an inventory of the biological, cultural and physical features of any given site. Harmonious design, all aspects of architecture, engineering and land planning depend on a clear understanding of what goes into creating a strong, lasting and healthful foundation.


Before the concrete or the grading, a project begins with an idea, ideally as owners or managers we are not imposing our pre-conceptions on a site, but through an understanding of existing topography, weather conditions, biological life zones, esthetic considerations, soil types and other unique factors, we can enhance the natural creativity inherent in the ground and assist in the building of life.


Meet the Team

Stephen Hein

Intimate with Sierra geography. Surveying the Sierra Nevada since 1977.

Sandy Jansen
Survey Researcher & Admin

Using skills from time in real estate, subdivisions, construction, conservation, and community planning…an old broad still learning new tricks 

Marco Del Rio
CAD Technician

Puts lines on the screen.



In Memorium: Mike Howell

mike-squareA beloved son,
a great technician,
and a friend.