Nevada County going backwards

For several months now, we have not been able to access the formerly great Nevada County Dept. of Transportation website which held all of the record maps that had been scanned and indexed pursuant to a grant that our former County Surveyor, John Steger, procured several years ago.  In an effort to reduce traffic to the County offices, high-quality images of Surveys, Parcel Maps, Subdivisions, and many other images on file with the Nevada County Recorder have been available.  This has been invaluable to our office and is truly a step forward in making public information available to the public.

Unfortunately, our current County Recorder has made a determination to remove these images which once again requires us to drive to the government center or to pay several hundred dollars a month to a private subscription service for poor quality images that frequently are illegible.

Posting the recorded maps was good for everybody.  Survey records need to be available as clearly as possible  and impartially to all parties.  There are countless examples of errors based on figures being misread and misinterpreted.  The entire purpose of recordation is to provide public record and any barriers to sharing this information only aid conflict and confusion.

This site previously contained a link to the County website and to maps that we recorded as soon as the images were scanned and returned to us.  This gave our clients access to their maps along with all the recordation information and allowed them to see the completion of their projects.

Please encourage the Nevada County Recorder, Greg Diaz, and your County Supervisor to repost the Nevada County recorded maps and again make them available to the public.