Permaculture Booth

I’ll be giving away yarrow plants at the Coldwell Banker Earth fair next Saturday (June fifth).  They have asked me to put up a permaculture booth, and I’m going to bring down some “weeds” that I have potted up: Yarrow and Bergamot and Mullen, to help people gain a new perspective of common beneficial plants that are a part of our landscape but are generally unapprecated.  Willow is going to help me and bring some of her knowledge and her Soil Sister farm brochures.

Yarrow is a fine ally.  It has traditionally been called soldier’s woundwort and carpenters weed because of its styptic (blood staunching) quality. A handful of yarrow held tightly against a punture wound or laceration will inhibit bleeding and aid healing.  It is a hardy, fragrent flowering, deer resistant and drought tolerant perennial herb.  It works well as a ground cover in the unfenced zone.

I’ll also bring my willow switch so we can try dowsing in the parking lot.

The permaculture booth is an opportunity to grow my community.  We are so rich in resources and creativity that I’m hopeful of building common understanding and support in the planning for a sustainable future.